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Fractional Sales Leadership

Be a CEO, get out of the sales trenches

Sales management challenges require talent, not time.

Outsourced Sales Strategy, Sales Leadership, Coaching, and Process Implementation. 

FL Man Innovation Logo

Fractional Sales Leadership

Be A CEO, Get Out Of The Sales Trenches

Sales management challenges require talent, not time.

Outsourced Sales Strategy, Sales Leadership, Coaching, and Process Implementation. 

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Brett Maternowski: Fractional Sales Leader

Leveraging years of expertise and successful sales leadership across Florida, I founded a consulting firm focusing on sales processes and systems FIRST

The logic is simple: with a proven and consistent sales process, even mediocre salespeople can constantly win. 

The pitch is simple, too: Step out of the sales grind. Let me elevate your sales processes, implement best practices, optimize technology, and guide your team to performance.

Process Perfection: Your Blueprint for Sales Excellence

Boost Your B2B Sales with Outsourced Expertise:

Fractional Sales Leadership, Fraction of the Cost.

Featured Ecosystem Partners

Marketing Partner

In partnership with Branding Bosses, a full-service branding and digital marketing agency located in Tampa, we now have an extended range of services to unite your business development and marketing services.

Whether you need help with branding, web design, social media management, digital design, lead generation, content creation, or outsourced marketing, we can tailor a custom solution that meets your specific needs.

Accelerator Partner

 Tampa Bay Wave, renowned for its accelerator programs, brings a wealth of resources, mentorship, and network connections to our ecosystem, ensuring that our partners have access to the best tools for success.

I routinly refer companies to the Wave and mentor various Wave companies, creating a synergistic environment where business development meets acceleration, providing a comprehensive suite of services to drive growth and innovation. 

Prior Projects

In a remarkable collaboration between FL Man Innovation and Artistic Incubator, Brett Maternowski spearheaded the Guava Project, a transformative initiative that not only showcased the power of creativity and innovation but also significantly bolstered community engagement in the Tampa Bay area.

The Challenge:

The Artistic Incubator needed to  breathe new life into a historic venue in Tampa, creating a vibrant space that would attract attention, foster community spirit, and establish a strong local presence. The goal was to generate widespread awareness while bringing together art industry leaders and community supporters.

The Solution:

Under Brett Maternowski’s strategic guidance, FL Man Innovation and the Artistic Incubator embarked on an ambitious journey to transform the venue into a hub of creativity and engagement. A stunning tree installation was built out, serving as a visual centerpiece and a symbol of growth and connectivity.

The Execution:

Brett’s expertise in community engagement and his extensive network were instrumental in bringing together a crowd of 450 people, creating a buzz and a sense of excitement around the new venue. The event not only showcased the artistic talents within the community but also provided a platform for industry leaders and community supporters to connect, collaborate, and celebrate the spirit of innovation.

The Guava Project was a resounding success, bringing in 450 attendees and generation awareness in the local Tampa Bay community. It served as a testament to the power of strategic collaboration, community engagement, and the transformative impact of the arts in fostering innovation and connectivity.

The Guava Project stands as a shining example of how strategic partnerships, community engagement, and a deep commitment to innovation can create meaningful impact and awareness. Brett Maternowski’s role was pivotal in ensuring the success of this initiative, showcasing his ability to drive growth, foster community spirit, and create lasting change. FL Man Innovation and Artistic Incubator’s collaboration on this project has set a new standard for community engagement and innovation in the Tampa Bay area, creating a legacy that will inspire future initiatives and collaborations.

Success Stories​

Real Repeatable Progress

Brett has been a vital resource to our cohort companies during various industry-specific accelerator programs we've run.

As a world-class accelerator program, The Tampa Bay Wave is highly selective in whom we bring in to mentor and coach our cohorts.

Brett's ability to provide timely and relevant feedback, intelligent growth-minded business development strategies, and dedication to seeing real, repeatable progress have made him invaluable. ~ Mariah Ramos - Tampa Bay Wave

Transformative success

Brett Maternowski operates with honesty and integrity and displays an unparalleled passion for the technology ecosystem in Florida.

He consistently creates value through connecting technology organizations to resources across the state of Florida, uncovers opportunities to collaborate at events, and supports the growth & development of the future Technology ecosystem for employers, educators, and participants. ~Michael Hamilton - Net Synergy Virtual Solution

Growing Synapse Summit

I have known Brett for 3 years. He has been instrumental in transforming the Tampa Bay economy through his community leadership and his role with Synapse. In all my years of experience, some individuals stand out for their great qualities and Brett is one of those people. He is well known for his intelligence, work ethic, positive attitude, teamwork mentality, and leadership. He is well respected throughout the community for his ability to organize benefactors of Synapse’s programs. Brett has a unique ability to motivate all parties involved, coordinate all activities, and unite the team to work together as one, all while keeping it fun and enjoyable. ~ Andy Hafer - Synapse

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