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Innovation & Investment Update: Embrace Software Inc. has successfully closed a $10 million funding round led by the financial prowess of Singh Capital Partners, R3 Funds, and ongoing support from primary investor, Jed McCaleb. This substantial infusion is part of a broader financial strategy, with over $80 million at the ready in Embrace’s acquisition war chest.

CEO’s Vision: Mohan Plakkot, the CEO at the helm of Embrace, foresees the current capital influx as a critical lever to accelerate the company’s growth, eyeing a potential doubling in size by 2024. This round of funding is a stepping stone towards Embrace’s ambitious plan for global market penetration.

Investor Confidence: Investors have echoed a resounding vote of confidence in Embrace’s unique approach to growth. Unlike other software conglomerates, Embrace has carved a niche in revitalizing acquired platforms with strategic investments, a move that has resonated well with both new and existing backers.

Sustainable Growth: In a landscape where capital raises are often vanity metrics, Embrace’s disciplined strategy in capital deployment reflects a commitment to sustainable expansion and robust free cash flow generation.

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