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St. Petersburg, FL – Innovation and environmental stewardship are reaching new heights as Jabil Inc. (NYSE: JBL) announces the integration of Retronix, a leader in electronic component reclamation and refurbishment.

In a strategic move earlier this year, Jabil—a global powerhouse in design, manufacturing, and supply chain solutions—has bolstered its commitment to sustainability by acquiring Retronix, renowned for its innovative approach to giving new life to electronic components.

Frank McKay, Jabil’s Chief Procurement and Supply Chain Officer, expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition, noting, “The addition of Retronix to our family marks a milestone in Jabil’s journey towards sustainable innovation. This is more than a business move; it’s a strategic step towards helping our customers—and ourselves—achieve significant environmental goals.”

Retronix, with a 30-year legacy of expertise, specializes in component recovery and authenticity testing, delivering state-of-the-art reballing and retinning services. These processes are crucial for extracting valuable components from electronics, thus reducing waste and opening up new avenues for value creation.

The incorporation of Retronix’s unique technologies into Jabil’s already extensive portfolio underscores a shared mission to drive the circular economy forward. This acquisition enhances Jabil’s suite of circular economy services, which include reverse supply chain management, medical device reprocessing, and emission reduction initiatives.

“By merging with Jabil, we are poised to amplify our impact on sustainable manufacturing practices,” said Jed Pecchioli, Vice President of Supply Chain at Jabil. “Our combined efforts will extend the lifecycle of materials and reduce electronic waste, contributing to a more sustainable future.”

Retronix has set the industry benchmark with their distinctive Laser Reballing service, a technique that minimizes potential damage to Ball Grid Array (BGA) components, therefore preserving the integrity and extending the lifespan of electronic components.

About Jabil:Jabil is a linchpin in the manufacturing solutions sector, employing over a quarter-million people across 30 countries. Renowned for its comprehensive expertise across diverse end-markets, Jabil is dedicated to delivering exceptional manufacturing knowledge, global product management, and sustainable community impact. For more insights into Jabil’s vision for a greener technological landscape, visit Jabil’s Website.

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