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Real Repeatable Progress

Brett has worked with our accelerator’s startups multiple times and has consistently demonstrated his understanding of B2B sales across various verticals and stages. His insights into the sales process have proven invaluable in driving growth and planning. I highly value Brett’s services and experience.

~Amit Agrawal   Director, Investor Relations & Platform Ops 

Brett has been a vital resource to our cohort companies during various industry-specific accelerator programs we’ve run.

As a world-class accelerator program, The Tampa Bay Wave is highly selective in whom we bring in to mentor and coach our cohorts.

Brett’s ability to provide timely and relevant feedback, intelligent growth-minded business development strategies, and dedication to seeing real, repeatable progress have made him invaluable. 

~ Mariah Ramos – Program Lead


Transformative success

Brett Maternowski operates with honesty and integrity and displays an unparalleled passion for the technology ecosystem in Florida.

He consistently creates value by connecting technology organizations to resources across the state of Florida, uncovers opportunities to collaborate at events, and supports the growth & development of the future Technology ecosystem for employers, educators, and participants. 

~Michael Hamilton – CEO 

“Indispensable to any business”

Brett’s invaluable contributions have been pivotal in propelling Black Sheep American Pub towards success. With Florida Man Innovations guidance, we have implemented ideas and refined our strategies, which have enhanced our market presence and profitability. 

Through his partnership we now have a beautifully designed new menu that continues to bring business through the door. His dedication and expertise make him indispensable to any business seeking to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

~Owner – Robert Jeffrey 

Thanks to Brett, we’re not just surviving; we’re thriving.

*Disclosure: Branding Bosses is now a preferred Marketing partner and friend*


Bringing Brett on board was a real game changer. Our sales were struggling; we couldn’t get the process or the offers right. Brett turned all that around. 

His direct approach to optimizing our sales funnel and his commitment to teaching us the ins and outs has made a huge difference. With Brett’s help on a monthly retainer, keeping us focused and on track, we’ve seen our sales climb and our business grow. He’s not just a consultant; he’s part of our team now. 

Brett Maternowski has also been instrumental in bridging the gap between lead generation and revenue generation for our clients. His strategic acumen, dedication to coaching, and innovative sales strategies have elevated the value we offer to our clients, making him an indispensable asset to our team and the businesses we serve.

~Nadia Kaminskaya – CEO Branding Bosses


“Extraordinary asset to any startup or SMB”

As the Founder and President of Inc. to Inc. Entrepreneur Entresition Services, Inc., I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working closely with Brett Maternowski in refining our approach to business development growth. Brett’s contributions to our company have been invaluable, extending far beyond simple advice or strategic planning. He possesses a remarkable ability to dissect complex business challenges, identify growth opportunities, and develop actionable strategies that drive tangible results.

Brett played a pivotal role in securing a scholarship for our team to attend the Synapse Entrepreneur and Tech Conference. This opportunity was transformative for Inc. to Inc., propelling us into a new realm of connectivity and exposure. The conference was an incredible experience, enabling us to forge meaningful connections with industry leaders and innovators. These relationships have significantly amplified our reach and influence across various sectors.

Beyond the conference, Brett has continued to be an indispensable source of wisdom and opportunity for both myself and my company. His ongoing support and insight have been critical in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of entrepreneurship and business development.

Brett Maternowski stands out as one of the most knowledgeable and influential figures in the Tampa business community and beyond. His expertise, coupled with an innate ability to foster growth and innovation, makes him an extraordinary asset to any startup or SMB looking to escalate their business to the next level. It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Brett to any organization eager to experience profound growth and success.

— Damon Thrash Founder | President of Inc. to Inc.

“Precision-targeted selling strategies”

*This comes from a personal mentor who has direct experience consulting SMBs with me.

Working closely with Brett transforms your understanding of effective selling. His precision-targeted selling strategies are beneficial and essential, driving sales teams and their stakeholders to not only grasp but master the execution of exceptional, profitable sales programs. Witnessing Brett’s expertise, I have seen him drastically elevate the sales capabilities of countless SMBs almost instantaneously. Furthermore, his ability to effortlessly dissect and prioritize critical elements makes collaborating with him productive and genuinely indispensable. Brett doesn’t just participate; he leads you to success.

~Bob Dixon – President and Senior Leadership Coach Arete Strategic Consulting

“Helping my business scale to expand its impact”


Brett Maternowski brings a wealth of expertise and leadership, making him an invaluable asset to any team or organization. Brett’s strategic insights into the innovation landscape coupled with his sales leadership have been instrumental in driving success for numerous businesses across Florida. His ability to bring simplicity to complex situations is commendable and has proven to make a huge impact in bringing collaborative efforts within a community and achieving results.

Brett has been extremely influential in providing connections and helping my business scale to expand its impact. Brett’s professionalism, integrity, and drive make him a trusted partner for achieving business objectives.

~Robyn Mussler – CEO